Sex bots & fem bots
This site is slowly being built and will be the ultimate fem-bot destination in the coming months...

It is predicted that within 5 - 20 years, fem-bots & sex-bots will be living among us.

The advances in technology are monumental, with basic sex bots available to buy now.

As the years progress and the technology advances, we will see incredibly realistic and life like fully functioning robots. These robots will be able to perform and act as real human beings. It is expected that male and female sex bots will be the first major robots to become commonly owned.

Naturally, the female sex-bot will be the bigger seller as men are hardwired to have sex more often than women. Even if the partner is synthetic, males will love having them. As a married man myself I can appreciate the ability to have a partner that I can power off once in a while.

The real question is, will these sex bots and fem bots replace real partners? Regardless of how good quality they are, can they permanently replace a persons need for human companionship?

I love my wife, however she drives me mad. I can see why men would love to have a remote control for their wife, to be able to mute her nagging, skip the argument and fast forward to the make up sex.

But would we like a totally synthetic wife? is the nagging, complaining and endless spending worth the spontaneity and uniqueness of an organic wife? Of course it is, but it doesn't make the nagging or complaining any easier to deal with.

In the end it will all boil down to realism, if they can custom make a woman that ticks all of your boxes and can be really unique in her conversation, a woman that can be spontaneous and witty, a woman that can comment on her environment and the activities that she partakes in, then yes I think that there is a very strong chance that humans will prefer relationships with robots over other human beings.

As I finished the paragraph above my wife sent me a sms message, it said "Hi sexy, my husband isn't due home for at least an hour, any chance of popping round", this sort of thing has been a running joke with my wife and I for quite a while. Naturally, I popped home to find my wife waiting for me in the bedroom. I thought to myself, could a sex bot do that? Would you want a sex bot to do that?

When I arrived home I noticed that my wife had the washing machine on, I hate the noise the washing machine makes, I am the kind of man that needs a bit of peace and quiet to work and to relax. Sometimes I am in the living room relaxing, and my wife decides to put the washing machine on, the dishwasher on and start hoovering all at the same time. It drives me mad.

The reason I mention it is because if I had a sex-bot or fem-bot instead of a wife, surely I could program her not to do things that annoy me, a plus in any mans book.

There is no way that a machine could replace my wife, I love her, but things would probably be easier for me to cope with at home if I had a remote control that stopped my wife doing annoying things, or spending money needlessly.

In all honesty, when I ask myself the question, could I love and live with a sex-bot or fem-bot, I think the answer would be yes, if I had never met my wife that is.

If in the years to come, my wife and I separate for whatever reason, would I prefer to have a realistic but synthetic and totally programmable female robot? A robot that looks exactly like a real woman, any woman I want? A robot that will do whatever I want, in bed or otherwise? A robot that acts like a woman, talks like a woman? To be honest, I think I would want that.

Imagine if the fem-bot or sex-bot had an interchangeable skin or features. Men can get bored easily, we are after all, genetically designed to spread our seed with as any women as we can, as are almost all male mammals. You could have your sex-bot change her own appearance and features to suit your preferences at that specific time.  Perhaps the sex-bot could change her appearance without the need to buy different skins or features, maybe she could morph somehow in to any female you desire.

All of this sounds very appealing, but without a personality, or with a personality that was programmed just how you wanted, surely we would get bored really quickly.

The only way a long term relationship could be near perfect is if the sex-bot or fem-bot had the ability to learn new things, new words, new phrases etc to keep the conversation interesting and stimulating.

There is also a strong chance that sex-bots could reduce divorce rates.

Many people get divorced because of infidelity, men are genetically designed to sleep with as many women as they can, women have different but similar programing, to sleep with the men who are fit, healthy, strong, wealthy. Basically men who could provide protection, security and food for their child.

These are our base programs, written in the our DNA, it's genetic.

As sex bots, fem-bots and man bots become common place, humans may begin to accept them as part of married life.

Many cultures allow for mistresses and sex partners outside of marriage. Even in England, it was very common for married men to have live-in mistresses that dealt with the husbands sexual needs, until the Victorian era, when it started to become frowned upon.

The reason that monogamy has become common place is because of religion, but as peoples beliefs change, so does their adherence to monogamy. Although I don't expect men and women to openly allow other sexual partners any time soon, I think that synthetic sex partners may squash peoples urge to cheat.

Many couples use sex toys in the bedroom, could sex-bots be an evolution of that?

It could take over a decade until we get to the point where sex-bots become common place, maybe even 20 years. It really depends on people putting serious money in to the research and development.

The sex-bot and fem-bot industry could be huge, it could easily be worth billions, but only when the sex-bots get to the point where they are incredibly realistic and versatile.

All of these advances will take time, and although basic fem-bots are available now, I am unsure how long it will be before we see robots walking down the street fetching groceries for their owners.